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Our revolutionary AI-enabled solutions track movements in real time, saving hours of manual tracking. They inform you of cargo conditions before arrival, and alert you to any deviations, allowing you to prepare for possible contingencies with your valuable cargo.

Cold Chain Solutions
Cold Chain Solutions
Data source & Devices

In-house product sourcing saves procurement hassle. Control and monitor your cargo in real-time during cold chain transport.

Customer Benefits:

  • Full Integrations with Dockflow, our in-house intelligent shipment tracking platform.
  • In-house product sourcing for real-time 4G single/multi-use devices.
  • Save historical temperature logs and simplify reefer temperature monitoring.
  • Real-time visibility of cargo conditions during transportation via tracking logs.
  • Alerts and contingency planning before cargo reaches its destination.

Your Digital Freight Platform Assistant

Meet iQuote+, your digital freight platform assistant. Minimize endless booking chases, space issues, and hidden charges. With powerful integration, discover the most competitive freight options and secure your booking with ease.p>

Cold Chain Solutions
ERP Solution

Global Trade & Logistics Management (GTLM) Soft ware

Our powerful in-house ERP solution, developed on a scalable platform, integrates all interlinked resources from customer service, documentation, operations, billing, accounts, and taxation. Teams can collaboratively manage day-to-day shipment-related tasks, documents, compliances, and issues, saving money on costly independent ERP solutions.

Cold Chain Solutions
Customer Benefits
  • Instant alerts for booking, operational, and shipment executions.
  • Auto-reminders and alerts for missing shipping instructions, manifest, rollover, revalidations, etc.
  • Automated integrations for uploading PDFs, SI/eAWB/VGM.
  • Bill of Lading, invoices, document sharing (WhatsApp/Email).
  • Master Data Management for shipper/consignee and other parties master.
  • Post-shipment ticket/dispute management.
Priority Support

Priority support is available via WhatsApp, in-app chat, email, and calls.

Data Security & Back Up

24x7 system availability with global disaster recovery capability, 256-bit encryption in transit and storage.

New Features & Adoption

Continuous delivery and updates for staying ahead of the curve.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage automatically uploads documents in secured cloud storage with auto-scanning for malware, ransomware, and spam.