(Re)COVER Damage Claim & Bad Debts Recovery

Always worried on complex coverage and liability issues? At Intercont, you don’t!

Your cargo always has a risk of damage in transit. These cases involve complicated aspects of international conflicts of law, limitation of liability, and multi-jurisdiction litigation.

When you feel lost due to damage to your valuable cargo, Intercont is always there to lend a hand, thanks to its exclusive partnership with Recoupex – our global attorney-at-law and legal adviser for claims and bad debts recovery.

We understand that shippers may lack the expertise to embark on the claims process by themselves or simply want someone to get their money on their behalf while they focus on their business. Our attorney has extensive experience working with companies throughout the maritime industry, understanding the unique legal and business challenges our clients face, and helping them find solutions that best protect them from cargo claims and bad debts.

Our Flagship Product “Re-COVER - Damage Claim & Bad Debts Recovery” can
  • Recover your cargo loss, even if you DONT have an insurance.
  • Recover Long-Outstanding Debts
  • Defend Freight claims
  • Win Back - uninsured claims and insurance deducbles
  • Secure and establish your legal rights to defend / Claim overseas.
  • Custom Office & Seating
Our promise, if we don’t win, you don’t pay.
Claims made simple! – 3 Step Wonder!
  • Eligibility Check

    Submit your claim with required documents & provide consent to pursue a claim.

  • Execution & Updates

    Secure updates when the claims are raised, chased & followed up.

  • Success & Compensation

    When claim is solved, secure your compensation with a success fee.

(Re)COVER Damage Claim & Bad Debts Recovery Advantages
Highest Success Rate*
Highest Success Rate*

In 2022, Our attorney, “Recoupex” recovered 81% of cargo claims submitted to us. You have a 95% chance of rejection, based on industry-statistics, if you claim by yourself.

Zero Hassle Process
Zero Hassle Process

Sit back and relax, our attorney will take care of entire process from submission to claim settlement, once your submit all the pre-requisite documents for the claim.

No win, no fee
No win, no fee

If we are successful at recovering your cost, only then we charge a claim compensation, which we deduct from your claim compensation.

Always in Light
Always in Light

Secure timely updates and progress of your claims at any time. Unlike carriers, who usually keep you in dark with a very little update.

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