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Blockchain Based Solution
We ensure you a hassle-free experience with our revolutionary and technology-driven block-based solutions.From a food supply that’s becoming safer, smarter, and more profitable to supply chains freeing themselves from legacy processes and paperwork, Intercont is leading the logistics industry into a new era of collaboration and innovation. Intercont has introduced a trusted and simple validation and certification platform on logistics transactions in the freight and transportation industry, providing all users and stakeholders full transparency into the supply chain, from quote to proof of delivery, with decentralized blockchain verification

Cloud based document management system

Intercont’s cloud-based management system allows its users to manage and keep track of the documents anytime, anywhere giving them the utmost security and flexibility. Traditionally, we all used to rely on the physical filings of forms, reports, quotations, invoices, and other documents. However, because of our cloud-based document management system, your documents are just a few clicks away. Take control of tedious and repetitive manual processes with powerful, but simple cloud-based management systems. We have designed a cloud-based commercial Document Management System guaranteeing the efficiency and security of your documents. Our advanced system provides multiple desktops as well as web configuration, user-friendly interface, capturing, and enabling tools. Our system will help you to manage the workflow, approval, archival, and searching for massive amounts of digital documents or images in real-time across multi-devices from anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Integration through APIs

Ever wondered how we stay so well connected to our systems and help you with all the smooth operations? The answer is Intercont’s APIs. They are the ones that esure seamless communication between our various applications.

Mobile App

Coming soon is a mobile app that gives you the power of your business in your own pocket. Our goal is to make logistics as easy as ordering pizza on your mobile.