Track & Trace: Idockey

Intercont has built an advanced track & trace platform called ‘Idockey’ by partnering with Dockflow, a Belgium based technological firm, which keeps an eye on your cargo while it travels the world.

Idockey is a ‘mobile app based track and trace platform’ with an ‘IOT Device’. It is a state of the art mobile app developed for customers, giving them the power of their business and shipment in their own hands. It allows you to know where your container is at any given point of time and at the same time it allows you to know the temperature of your container. It is a proactive solution and helps you take decisions and act timely to avoid losses, liabilities and helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Idockey’s Features

Live location tracking

Tracks live location & Idockey algorithms updates ETA

Live temperature monitoring

Commodity-specific temperature alerts at each location with temperature maps.

Detention & Demurrage Calculator

Calculation of charges in case of delays beyond free days allowed

Operational Efficiency

All data at one place helping you quickly retrieve a specific container and get pre-alerts saving you time and losses.

Theft Detection

Receive warnings when the container is opened at an unusual place/moment.

Easy add documents 

Click one button to auto match documents like BL, Seaway bill, invoice, COO to a shipment

Blockchain Database

All info is saved on a blockchain database to apply max level data security


All info can be shared with two clicks with anyone and let you decide who has access to which data.

Transport data analysis

Analysing carrier performance and risk for cargo on the routes.

Mobile Friendly

Receive notifications, quick search, dashboard overview