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Insurance (Intercont Protect)
Through our relationship with the world’s largest commercial broker ‘Marsh’, we offer affordable cargo insurance with much broader coverage, that settles claims faster, and delivers peace of mind.

Filling the Gaps In Coverage

Most cargo insurance is full of unrealistic requirements. But through Intercont, you can get lower rates and bumped-up coverage while concluding claims fast. Your team at Intercont takes responsibility for the time-consuming details — so you don’t have to.

Favorable Rates

We’re leveraging our relationship so you have access to all-risk policies at competitive rates with enhanced coverages for Intercont shipments (i.e. less than 24h reefer breakdown clause, ambient temperature stuffing clause, inland, and sea transportation coverage).

Claims Settled  Faster Than Industry Averages

For Intercont shipments and for cargo insurance buyers only, once all documentation is received, claims are usually settled within 7 business days.   Even better, we take care of the details of your claim.

Partners With

Cargo Damage Claim & Bad Debts recovery

When all is lost Intercont will still have something to hold on to with our exclusive partnership with Recoupex we bring to you ‘Cargo damage claim’ & ‘Bad debts’ recovery as the solution to the biggest problem that the shippers face in the exim industry.

Cargo in transit can be lost or damaged. To recoup losses for FCL cargo anywhere in the world we support Indian shippers. Regardless if you have cargo insurance or not. Long outstanding debts from the foreign buyers causes hindrance to the cahs fow of the business and might take you years to recover them.You as a shipper may struggle to ‘defend freight claim’ or ‘collect outstanding payments’ from overseas buyers. We make claiming compensation straightforward for all customers especially when you are unsure of your rights, you are lacking the expertise to embark on the claims process yourself or you simply want others to get your money on your behalf while you focus on your business. This is where, our legal expert team will play a role. We will help you recover your long outstanding debts (trapped cash) as well as will help you obtain cargo damage claim with the least hassle. To make things easier, our team will guide you through every step of the online process of submitting claims.

Main benefits for your buisness
Main capabilities of our solution

24/7 availability to
submit claims and initiate
recovery process

trapped cash

Superior customers

No results – No payment

Expertise profound-global
cargo claims legal defense
and marine insurance experience

Photo and
video upload

Maintenance and support
of IT tools

Loss prevention insights
Totally free of charge

Seamless compensation for Cargo Damage

Step 1

Claim eligibility check

  • Easy process
  • Online signature for letter of assignment

Step 2

  • Attorney takes immediate action.
    Anywhere in the world

Step 3

  • You save thousands of dollars, unblock data insights and continue to grow yous business

Fin-Tech Solutions (Trade Finance)
Intercont is bringing to you an opportunity to obtain more cash upfront to help you enhance your business activities and reach new heights in the business of international trade. We have partnered with the trade finance experts to bring you a flexible, effective and simple access to trade finance that will provide you with cash liquidity to expand your business activities whilst reducing your risks. Grow your business with better cash flow.